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Scion Space Culver City
from “Infinity” curated by Andrew Schoultz
Photos: Joel Lipton

Culver City
Photos: Joel Lipton Noble-02-040-touchup_v2.jpg Noble-02-017 touchup_v2.jpg Crop 2009.jpg Noble-02-085_v2.jpg Noble-02-073-touchup_v2.jpg

Carolyn Castaño assisted me on this one.

As viewed through Chris Natrop's piece at the opening.

Saladin (Los Angeles)

This was a nicely painted mural in my opinion, which gained a beautiful texture after someone splashed a can of paint on it and I came back and repaired it, keeping a lot of the drip effects. More recently I’ve been putting the drip texture on the wall myself. This one lasted for the same period, a couple of years, that Kaycee Olsen’s gallery lasted. 2010_v2.jpg 2010 detail_v2.jpg