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East Hollywood
30' x 40'
Acrylic and Housepaint
photos: Kate Romero

Cal Poly Pomona
photo: Carly Steward

Six Months
photo: Josh White



This mural can be seen on the back of Eric Berg's Early American Antiques, corner of Melrose and Heliotrope in East Hollywood. Enter the parking lot on Heliotrope opposite Scoops Gelato.

Color complete, just prior to black line application.


Done for Freewall, a group show of wall installations curated by Jody Zellen. The atmosphere of a bunch of artists creating work directly on adjacent walls is quite special. It has the smell of ambition and seriousness. This piece, with its metallic gold background, looked terrific in the space. One of my favorites. The photos I have don’t quite capture how big and commanding it was. 2004.jpg


Eungie Joo invited me to do something for her experimental art space Six Months. I asked Carolyn Castano and Sahar Khoury to join me for a show on the subject of Hair. I was painting this piece while Brett Cook was painting a couple of canvases on the opposite wall for a project he was doing at a local school. We were basically working back to back in the narrow storefront, listening to selections from Brett’s huge trunk of CDs. Each of us would periodically take a step back to look at our work. Sometimes we would step back at the same time and brush past each other in a near-miss flyby. There was a slight sense of magic in our working rhythm-- we only crashed once in several days of working. full in situ 2-brightened.jpg